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Elite Collectors of Modern and Contemporary Indian Art

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A connoisseurs delight…
‘Limited Edition’ Coffee Table Book!

An ever-evolving Indian Art has always been matching strides with socio-political and cultural shifts in free India, sometimes even influencing aspects of Indian life. As an entity, it may be much older than independent Bharat, but it has remained as young, diverse and vibrant as our country and today ‘Modern & Contemporary India’ is the new buzzword in the global art mart.

Hidden behind the bright colours and bold strokes of the Modern Indian Art movement & the Contemporary Art creations is the unstained patronage of passionate collectors… Call them patrons or call them connoisseurs, but they are rare people who go beyond being merely collectors of art… thus making a silent contribution to India’s artistic heritage.

This first of its kind book is a unique collection of profiles of 25 living and 2 late premier Collectors of Indian Modern & Contemporary Art all over the globe. The legacy of their genius in professional life is well known but their persona sans the glamour and their passion & raison-d’etre for collecting enduring masterpieces of legendary modern & contemporary artists is hardly ever explored. Collectively, the profiles form the mosaic of the larger story - the story of the always evolving & metamorphosing Indian Art and its remarkable patrons. The book highlights the collectors’ definitive aesthetic vision, deep-rooted philanthropy, support & commitment to Indian art and artists. The book also showcases selected/favourite works of art of each collector… a collection which reflects the discerning eye & eclectic tastes of its owners.

Rich in anecdote and lavishly illustrated, this stupendous book opens a window onto a world of passionate collectors, distinguished by a rather charming obsession, while introducing to the readers the mysteries of collecting.

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Elite Clubs of India

Bookworm's Surprise.... Club Lover's Delight!

This book is a unique collection of profiles of India's most significant and prestigious membership clubs. Collectively the 100 profiles form the mosaic of the larger story - the story of Clubs life in India, its history and culture. Clubs that reflect the quintessence of Club culture, have a unique history and the creme de la creme of the society adopt them passionately for their socio-cultural edification are part of the list - rare historical social and sports clubs, planters club, turf club, a polo club and contemporary clubs specially all the major golf clubs of East, South, West and North of India.
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